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MarcusTheMachine @marcusthemachine4 months ago

When did you decide to take a leap? How do you build and keep momentum? I left corporate America in 2014. I knew it was time to leave, I felt it 2 years before. I was scared more than I was excited, I didn't know what I was going to do and how I was going to figure it out. Looking back I am glad to say I left, I won't die with that regret.  Taking a leap("resistance") was something that I read up on online, different blogs, different backstories. I realize for those who do, the reward of doing is that, doing. Taking a leap, I also realize, is a way to keep life momentum, you take more leaps. It becomes a muscle. Like most muscles, if not all, you get stronger, more comfortable, in fact bored with the exercise and you look for new ways to engage the strength or the dexterity/flexibility of.  I use leaps("resistance") as North Stars in my life. When I feel a need to grow, or feel lost, or trying to find clarity, within my given goal/craft I find where a leap of resistance lays/lies(whatever is proper English). So tell me, When did you decide to take a leap? How do you build and keep momentum? share you insights



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LAstar @linktest - 4 months ago

Taking a leap involves leaving the “known” and entering the “unknown”. In the unknown, there’s uncertainty, doubt, and high risk. But In the unknown, there’s also challenge, growth, and new opportunities that may have been inaccessible before. To keep momentum, it’s a bit ironic. One must go deeper and deeper in that new thing, meeting new people, trying new things, and staying disciplined to stick with it. Eventually life has a way of opening new doors and rewarding those who strive for what they want. So always keep pushing and ask / be willing to accept help —