Dec 7 2022, 9:37am. I am currently listening/watching Kendrick Lamar "The Big Steppers Tour" on Amaz

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Dec 7 2022, 9:37am. I am currently listening/watching Kendrick Lamar "The Big Steppers Tour" on Amazon Prime via iPhone. I'm wearing Jayde's Cabela's camo pants, Burgundy Dr Martins, Gucci Hat, and some thrifted clothing. I am at Little Neck in Greenpoint. I have a studio session today. My block time is from 8a -4p, so I'm in here getting on "frequency" before I head in. My personal agenda; work through some mechanics/techniques/cues, then prepare to collaborate and share ideas with Shay(another artist) around 12p. This morning, on my mind I have these topics: -"Frequency": As an athlete and artist you want your energy/skill to match that of who you consume or compete with. Watching Kendrick I know the level of energy I need to match as creative/musician/being. Doing this will lead to us intersecting again. I appreciate contributions of craft in many fields. It moves me through life vs just getting/living for a check. -"Priority of being in social settings": who is allowed to take up the most space? the person with the most leverage(financial, fame, ego?) or the person who can immediately serve the people in need of service(life/death situation/maslow's hierarchy )? We can observe - as I can observe within myself- how individuals project their boundaries in certain spaces. I understand the need based on demographic - meaning someone from a rural area/poverty stricken area may need to not appear weak so they project, but why in an area like this does one feel the need to take up more space than needed? -"Public transit": I enjoy riding the train because I get to see so many walks of life, wonder where they are going, who they are, what plagues them, what's important, what makes them happy, etc etc, but most I realize them, just like me, are on this earth/train.



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